An interview with… The Fit Foodie

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Health and beauty tips from the star fitness + health + foodie blogger

My name is: Sally O’Neil

And I am: 30 years old

I would describe myself as: creative, playful & happy

My beauty approach: is natural and feminine

If I could only do one thing for my skin everyday it would be: drink 3 litres of water

And if I could only use one beauty product it would be: mascara

My favourite Simple product is: Kind to Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover Pads. I use them every night to remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras – no rubbing or irritated eyes! Such a time saver.

I start my morning with: a workout.

And I never go to bed without: taking off my makeup and enjoying a few deep breaths.

My skin always feels best when I: give it a bit of attention. Just 5 minutes morning and night is all it takes!

My beauty mantra is: focused on glowing from the inside out – to support an awesome skin regime. I workout to sweat and flush toxins, eat whole foods to benefit from an abundance of vitamins and minerals, and manage cortisol (our stress hormones) through yoga.

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