Review: Glow Inner Beauty Powder

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Do superfood supplements really work? Victoria Montgomery puts it to the test for 30 days to find out

The Beauty Chef’s Glow Inner Beauty Powder is a blend of bio-fermented “superfoods”, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

Ingredients including organic Maqui berry, chickpeas, lentils, mung beans, rice, linseeds, buckwheat, millet, alfalfa seeds, quinoa, chia, pepitas, sunflower seeds, green tea, ginger, turmeric and more.

I decided to give it a test, taking one serve (one teaspoon dissolved in liquid) every day for a month.

Week 1

I’m feeling very optimistic. I have IBS so am always willing to try anything that has the words “probiotic” and “renew” in it, and it’s always a bonus when it’s organic because I feel there is less chance of it doing damage. The first glass was YUM! Powder dissolved well and it tasted like a berry bliss cordial. All is good.

Week 2

I’m feeling good! I can confirm that it does kick start your digestive system and keeps things moving along though (GROSS!) But it is working and for someone who is all too familiar with feeling bloated and heavy and uncomfortable, I’m feeling very…cleansed?

Week 3

Same as above, but I’m starting to hate the stuff. I’m finding that the powder is starting to get this granular/bitter taste at the end of the glass which is very unpleasant, but at the half way point I’m determined to keep going. I decide to switch things up and add the powder into my morning smoothie – this a) tastes delicious b) is easy to swallow.

Week 4

Last week. Thank god. There is only so much of the powder you can handle before it all just gets a bit much. I still pushed through for the last seven days and was adding it to water again, but also in juices as well. It worked nicely and mixed the flavour up a bit. There is just something about the texture that made it feel like you were swallowing kitty litter.

Post Beauty Glow?

I feel the same, no better no worse. I’m hoping it did good things for my insides but unfortunately I don’t feel like I’m glowing inside or out. Would I do it again? …nope! Or at least not for 30 days. Maybe for half the time just to “cleanse” –  I think the 30 days is too long.

Victoria is an Account Manager with Post Script.

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