Skin care with a Brazilian

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For many, the Brazilian wax is a beauty must-have. But taking it all off this sensitive area means you need to invest in some serious skincare. Here’s our guide to skin care with a Brazilian.

It’s named for the land of the Rio Carnival, sun, sand and tiny G-string bikinis: the Brazilian really started to take off in the 90s, thanks to the Brazilian-born J Sisters of New York, and since then the Brazilian wax has been the must-have of personal grooming.

But the over-popularised term, “Brazilian wax,” has led to confusion as to what a Brazilian actually is. A true Brazilian is when the hair is clipped, the pubic line is brought down and the labia and bottom are waxed, leaving just a thin “landing strip” of hair at the front.

But there are also variations. The following styles are also available:

Brazilian and clip: A high bikini wax where the hair is clipped and the sides are waxed, including the pubic line if required.

Brazilian and bottom: A G-string wax to remove hair around the labia all the way to the bottom. Hair is clipped to bring down the pubic line.

Brazilian and labia: A true Brazilian wax that removes all hair over the labia and to the bottom, leaving a small strip on the pubic bone at the front.

Brazilian all off: The lot. All the hair in the pubic region is waxed off.

For the serious fashionista, getting a Brazilian is simply a necessary beauty step. But getting a Brazilian wax can leave the skin in this particularly sensitive area irritated and vulnerable. The tips below can help protect the sensitive waxed area.

Avoid sunburn: A Brazilian leaves skin exposed, so cover up against the risk of sunburn by wearing loose clothing. The Brazilians should know, as they invented this waxing to rock in their bikinis on their hot, sunny beaches!

Use aloe vera gel: It can help reduce swelling and relieve soreness in a newly waxed skin and rarely are there any adverse reactions when applied topically.

Ice it: After a Brazilian wax, apply an ice pack to the skin for about 10 minutes to help reduce swelling and soreness. Apply the ice pack several times a day over the first day after waxing. Just remember, as with applying ice to injury, don’t put it directly on the skin, as this can cause further damage: make sure the ice pack is inside a cloth first.

Exfoliate gently: After the redness goes away, exfoliate the Brazilian waxed skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and helps prevent ingrown hair. It also helps to open up clogged pores. Use an exfoliating cloth or glove for a gentler approach.

Abstinence: It is important to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 12 to 24 hours after a Brazilian wax treatment. This is to help prevent irritation and infection as after a wax treatment skin is left open and exposed and is very susceptible to irritation and infection.

Brazilian waxed skin is the most popular bikini wax but requires proper maintenance and care to keep skin looking beautiful and healthy.

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