5 things that make you live longer

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5 Keys to health that you (and your customers!) should be living by, says Dr Ross Walker.

It seems like we should be doing more and more to look after our overall health and ensure that we remain happy and healthy. In an increasingly cluttered market place, it can be hard to cut through all the hype and discover what exactly is good for us, according to Dr Ross Walker.

He is an integrative cardiologist, and swears by a concept he calls the ‘5 Keys to Health’. He claims these five keys are surprisingly easy to adopt into an already busy lifestyle, and is something that both you and your customers should be following in order to remain happy and healthy.

Dr Walker shares his five ‘keys’ below.

  1. Addictions– It’s a fact of life that you cannot be healthy and smoke, you cannot be healthy and drink excessive amounts of alcohol, and you cannot be healthy while using any illegal drugs.
  2. Sleep WellGet into the routine of cultivating a good quality sleep habit. The quality of your day will depend on the quality of your sleep the night before. Considering we spend a third of our life sleeping, it has to be something very important!
  3. Eat Well- If you can kill it and eat it straight away, or grow it in your backyard, it is good for you- after that all bets are off. One of the most important concepts when it comes to food is the HI factor, or the human interference factor. The more people fiddle with your food, the worse it is for you. In summary, good eating is eating less, and eating more naturally. In saying that, if there are deficiencies in your diet, consider a supplement. Fish oil is a strong anti-inflammatory, with strong scientific evidence demonstrating that inflammation is a key factor in all modern diseases. Ubiquinol is also a fantastic way to naturally boost your energy levels without relying on that extra cup of coffee.
  4. Get Moving!Have a regular exercise and movement program in place and stick to it! The Walker suggested dose of exercise is 3-5 hours per week of exercise that makes you hot and somewhat short of breath. In between times, try to move as much as possible. Recently it’s been highlighted that prolonged sitting is extremely bad for your health.
  5. Happiness- The best drug on the planet is happiness. Cultivate this attitude in each moment. Live through each moment with your attitude, how may I serve rather than ‘what’s in it for me.’ Cultivating peace and happiness is an extremely important method in improving your own health.


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