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CWH greater threat than supermarkets

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The continued expansion of Chemist Warehouse (CWH)–both here and overseas–is now perceived as a greater threat to pharmacy than supermarkets

According to a PS readership poll, 63% of pharmacy assistants say CWH poses the greatest threat, ahead of supermarkets at 40%. Online/mail order followed at 17%, while Big Box Discounters such as Big W ranked equally with new entrant Amazon at 11%. 

According to IRI’s Market Moves Report, only four retail banners grew in 2017, with My Chemist and Priceline holding a more concentrated market share than the previous two years. 

When its Shopper Panel of 10,000 households was asked about the brands they most recognise, the top 3 were CWH 79%, Priceline Pharmacy 67% and TerryWhite Chemmart 48%.

It found location and expert advice were paramount, but location and price are driving store choice. Surprisingly, in-store promotions, loyalty card schemes and in-store services ranked as only ‘nice to have’.

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