Yahoo 7 News reports that Roxanne Holmes visited the Ryde, Sydney pharmacy and tried on a $7 eyeliner in the shop before realising that she could not afford to pay for it.

She told Yahoo that she later returned to the store because she had been “lured” with the claim that she had won a prize due to having been the “100th customer”.

However when she entered the store, pharmacist Kamal Kotb asked her about the eyeliner and whether she would pay for it.

CCTV footage shows Ms Holmes pushed a display of detergent bottles off a nearby shelf and tipped the contents of one bottle onto the shelf.

Mr Kotb then took the bottle and squirted her with detergent, an action which resulted in him fronting court in Burwood on assault charges.

Mr Kotb told the Court that he agreed he acted poorly in squirting the woman, but felt that Ms Holmes had been a threat and wanted her to leave the pharmacy as quickly as possible.

The magistrate agreed that Mr Kotb’s action had been reasonable and that he had acted in self-defence.