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Poll: are you stressed?

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Australians are more stressed than ever before, with many people saying workplace demands are leading to high levels of anxiety

A report published last year by think tank, Reventure, found that almost three-quarters of people said they are stressed about work and 51% believe unrealistic workload expectations had a negative impact on their workplace wellbeing. And 49% of people said they would be looking for a new position in the coming 12 months, according to research.

And leadership at work was a big factor for those seeking new employment with almost half of those who are looking for work saying that poor leadership at work was the most stressful part of their job. In fact, 36% of those polled said they were looking to leave as a direct result of the “leader directly above me”. While more than a third (37%) said there was negative energy in the workplace, with 18% describing their work culture as “toxic”.

When it came to conflict in the workplace, half of Australian workers had experienced one or more serious incidences of conflict. With 1 in 4 experiencing the inconsistent application of company policy and 1 in 5 experiencing major problems in communication with a coworker or boss at work.

On the upside, 53% receive praise and recognition at work, 41% say their work culture is “supportive” and 53% respect and admire their boss, with almost the same number saying they have access to training and resources to do their job properly. 

The role of employers in creating wellbeing in the work environment was crucial to many workers. For example, 85% of workers believe employers are responsible for creating an environment that proactively addresses stress in the workplace.

According to lead researcher of the study, Workplace Wellbeing, Dr Lindsay McMilan–Australian businesses need to act.

“Employers across the country are being sent a clear message from the Australian workers–workplace stress is a significant issue and employers need to put in place strategies to address it.

“The risk to employers is clear, if they don’t act employees will walk.”

Tell us about your general experience of stress by taking our anonymous poll.


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