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Priceline Pharmacy wants to help 50,0000 women

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Priceline Pharmacy says it is aiming to help 50,000 women with its Biggest Women’s Health Check by putting the spotlight on its health services and making its Women’s Health Checks free for a month.

“There is no other pharmacy better placed to help women’s health than Priceline Pharmacy. Our pharmacists take the time to offer each customer a premium service and expert advice, so they receive a personalised experience every time. We are putting our pharmacists front and centre by encouraging women to come in store and meet their local pharmacist,” Priceline Pharmacy General Manager, Tamalin Morton, said.

From 13 April – 7 May, Priceline Pharmacy’s Women’s Health Checks are free. The consultation takes 15-minutes and includes tests for anaemia, cholesterol, and blood pressure, plus, lifestyle discussions including weight management and breast check instruction. Women can also check their health on the exclusive in store Digital Health Stations which are free.

Priceline Pharmacy launched the initiative to take action to improve the health of Aussie women after results from its health stations revealed over one third of women have two or more health risks, these include: high BMI, high body fat percentage, high blood pressure or high resting heart rate.

Broadcaster and author, Meshel Laurie, is helping spread the message through media interviews talking about her own experience over the last couple of months having multiple health checks with a Priceline pharmacist and following the advice to improve her own health.

Meshel says, “I recently had my health checked at Priceline Pharmacy and I’m now focusing on reducing my BMI and blood pressure. I have been following the advice of the pharmacist over the last couple of months and am committed to improving my health moving forward. I’ll be going back for regular checks to ensure I stay on track.”
Key statistics:

Between April 2015 and 7 February 2018, there have been more than 600,000 checks from women on the Priceline Pharmacy Health Stations, with data revealing:
 36% of women recorded two or more health risks
 21% of women recorded 1 health risk
 14% of women recorded high or very high blood pressure, with 65,642 women referred to a doctor for high blood pressure^
 49% of women recorded a BMI of over 25
 22% of women recorded an elevated BMI of 30+
Priceline Pharmacy SiSU Health Station data, April 2015 – February 2018
 44,045 women were referred to a GP for BMI of 35+
 30% of women have elevated levels or high body fat levels^

Pictured: Priceline Pharmacist Amy Jones with Meshel Laurie after having her free Women’s Health Check

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