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Over the counter cleansing programs are big business for pharmacy, so make sure you’re selling yours correctly. Shonagh Walker shares some insider secrets

If a customer comes in looking for a quality, effective cleanse that eases toxic load, helps with fat burning and boosts energy levels, you want to be able to arm them with more than just a box of products and an instruction manual to take home.

For them to get the most from the detox, it’s helpful if you can offer them holistic advice about how to use the products they are purchasing, how they will feel throughout their journey, what they can do to support the process and what results they will see in what time frame.

It helps to follow these steps:

1. Outline the key characteristics of the cleanse
Is it a weight loss cleanse? Has it been designed to support clear and glowing skin? Is it designed to rebalance the gut, alkalise the body or boost immunity? How many products/powders are used in throughout the program and how many times a day do they need to take them? All of these factors will determine which cleanse your customer takes home.

2. What is their schedule like?
Ask your customer about their lifestyle. How realistic it is for them to fit a seven-day, 15 day, or longer cleansing program into their schedule? What are their goals? Do they want to lose weight? Are they after an energy boost? Do they want to gain mental clarity? How they want to look and feel after the cleanse, and so on. From there, you can determine which one of the cleansing programs you have in store might suit them.

3. Make sure you’re well versed in the instructions of each cleanse
Simply pointing your customer in the direction of the detox aisle isn’t going to guarantee a sale or customer satisfaction. Make sure you have read the manuals or instructions for each cleanse well and you’re able to answer any questions in regards to meals or meal plans on the cleanse, what kinds of snacks are allowed, and so on.

4. Let the customer know how they will feel as they go through the cleansing process
In the first few days of a detox, let the customer know they might feel nauseated, fatigued and irritable, as the toxins are released from their liver and exit the body.

Suggest positive behaviour to get through that, advises naturopath, Margaret Jasinska, who helped devise the new Cabot Health 15Day Cleanse. “Drink eight to 10 glasses of water each day. This reduces potential withdrawal symptoms from caffeine, sugar and alcohol,” she says. “Get plenty of sleep and rest. Do some exercise but not to the point of exhaustion.

After the first four days or so, energy levels should begin to soar, their mood should lift and they will feel a lightness of body, mind and soul. Other positive aspects include less bloating, less puffiness, better digestion, a clearer head, improved mood and deeper, more refreshing sleep. They will also see clearer skin with fewer breakouts.”

5. Offer them support products
This includes things they can do to enhance the benefits of their cleanse, as well as help support them through the detox process. It’s also a great way to introduce an add-on sale.

Here’s a good check list:
– A Dry Body Brush
“Daily dry skin brushing helps to improve circulation and lymphatic flow, which aids detoxification,” says Jasinska.

– A Body Scrub
This works in much the same way as the dry body brush, but takes it a step further, sloughing away any dead skin cells that might inhibit toxin excretion from the skin via sweat.

– Epsom Salts
“Epsom Salts are a form of magnesium that is high in sulphates, which are known 
to promote relaxation and support detoxification,” says Dr Sandra Cabot. “They can also be absorbed through the skin, so are fantastic when added to a bath to help boost the body’s natural detoxification process, minimise cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin. Suggest your customer adds Epsom Salts to their bath or foot bath.”

– A Clay Body Mud Mask
Clay helps to draw impurities from the skin, so applying a mask once or twice a week will assist the cleansing process.

– A Water Filter
“Advise your customers to be mindful of the chemicals that enter their body while cleansing,” says Jasinska. “While doing a detox, we need to be aware chemicals can also be introduced from non-food sources, such as the water we drink. A water filter is a great idea. “

– Chemical-Free and Natural/Organic Cosmetics
“If a customer is embarking on a cleanse, they may want to reconsider their cosmetics and personal care items and go for all-natural, chemical-free and even certified organic ranges,” suggests Jasinska.

– A Hydrating Body Oil
Massaging a nourishing oil all over will make them feel more pampered, as well as nurture the skin and help them get in touch with – and ease – any aches and pains their body may be experiencing.

– Essential Oils and an Atomiser or Oil Burner
Not only do these help to purify the air, but they will help to ease stress, may minimise headaches from caffeine withdrawal and create a more relaxing, calming atmosphere in their home.

6. Talk to them about a maintenance program once the cleanse is finished.
There’s little point doing a cleanse if the day it finishes, they start eating junk and drinking lots of alcohol again. Many cleanses, like the Dr. Cabot 15 Day Cleanse, offer dietary guidelines on how to do maintain results for a long period of time. “There’s also a maintenance program available, consisting of Dr Cabot Ultimate Superfood and Dr Cabot Ultimate Gut Health,” says Jasinska.

On the Shelf

1. Dr. Cabot 15Day Cleanse, from $99
Dr Cabot 15Day Cleanse improves digestion and gut health and alkalises your body. The three powder program includes a daily meal plan, which customers can either shop for and prepare themselves (all recipes are included in the box), or they can have the pre-prepared meals delivered to their door for $318 for 15 days. Dr. Cabot 15Day Cleanse, priced from $99,

2. Manicare Dry Body Brush, $15.95.
This firm bristled brush gets lymph and blood circulating as it sloughs away debris from the skin.

3. Sukin Energising Body Scrub, $12.95.
With coffee and coconut, this buffs skin to a beautiful glow as it stimulate circulation.

4. Pharmacy Care Epsom Salts, $3.49
Add sparingly to a warm bath to ease muscle and joint aches and pains.

5. Natio Essential Oil Blend Purify, $19.95.
With lemon, fennel and juniper berry, this purifies the air and clarifies the mind.

6. Natio Ceramic Essential Oil Burner, $19.95.
With cut out floral designs, this throws out tranquil light to any room it is in, as well as beautifully diffuses essential oils.

7. Kosmea Rose Body Glow, $34.95
The lightweight, but intensely hydrating, blend of rosehip, rose and avocado oils, softens skin and leaves a sweet floral scent that uplifts and calms.

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