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Staff spotlight: Meet Flick Huxhagen, dispensary tech, TWC, Mackay

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PS chats to Flick Huxhagen, dispensary tech at TerryWhite Chemmart Rural View, Mackay, Qld 

1 What got you interested in working in pharmacy?

I was quite literally raised in pharmacy. My mum was pharmacist manager for the local Friendlies growing up and I have customers of my own now that remember me running through the shop with my sister some 20 years ago.

My mum is now my pharmacist manager with me at TWC Rural View and my sister is the pharmacist manager for a lovely little pharmacy in Emerald central Queensland. 

2 What’s your average day like?

We are a little medical centre pharmacy so my days are never the same. I’m learning more about the behind-the-scenes side of stock management and dealing with shortages.  I look after the blister pack patients most of my days but there is always a customer to help or a shelf to clean somewhere 🙂 

3 Tell me about your team?

I couldn’t ask for a better team to work with. Our owners (Cathy and Ross) are just wonderful and have supported the store through cyclones and mergers to get us where we are today. The pharmacists (Karalyn and Leanne) are local legends with years of experience with our local community. Karalyn is AACP accredited and is recognised for her work in pain management. Leanne has owned a pharmacy in our town and is a trusted source with all of her patients over the years. 

Our RSM (Jane) is our hero, managing back office and front of shop plus teaching me the ins and outs of the dispensary with efficiency and a smile no matter what. 

We also have Janet and Therese on the floor and reception providing top quality advice and service to all of our customers and their families. 

4 What bits about your role do you like the most?

I like that people come back because we helped them get well. They see how hard we all work for our patients and appreciate the effort. Knowing the advice I’ve given has helped someone’s quality of life is a huge encouragement to us all. 

5 If you were not working in pharmacy what would be doing?

I’d be a stay at home dog-mum (we have a little shih tzu named Gus 🙂 ) crafting away my days if I wasn’t in pharmacy. Pharmacy has been my whole life, literally. I’ve tried regular retail and hospitality and they’ve paled compared to the challenge and rewards of community pharmacy. 


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