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Staff spotlight: meet Isaac Hanna, stock controller, Goodna, DDS

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PS chats with Isaac Hanna, stock controller at Goodna Discount Drug Store, Queensland. 

1 Isaac, tell us a bit about yourself and your role

I was originally hired in 2016 as a customer service assistant in the front shop and eventual pharmacy assistant. However, within two weeks of starting, their then stock controller was leaving and they thought I would do well in the position. Although most of my working experience is in some form of retail, I have never had any experience specific to pharmacy but it has turned out quite well.

From day one of starting in this position, it was made clear to me by my supervisors that in order to be successful in the role time management was key. I am only in the store roughly six hours a day so I need to be quite organised and focused to finish everything I need to on a weekly basis. Aside from that, interpersonal and general communication skills go a long way to improving your work flow as a stock controller whether it be liaising with the store managers, staff or company reps.

2 What’s your day like and which parts of your job do you really enjoy, Isaac?   

My favourite part of my work would probably be the problem solving or just being able to have the answers for my managers. It may sound profoundly mundane to someone else, but getting to the bottom of a stock issue or completing a stock take can be quite satisfying. I guess just seeing your planning work out for you is a good feeling.

On a good day, I will start by marking off the wholesaler orders for the day and entering all invoices. If it’s a Monday this would be followed by weekly reports being run and sent to our office and the banking is also done each day. Once these staple tasks are complete I would then move onto things relating to database maintenance whether that is checking stock is coming in at the right price (cost comparison), rolling stock takes, checking promotional lines are scanning at POS and retail pricing updates. I also see company reps on their visits and work on getting credits for any damaged or expired stock. If a catalogue is running or being set up I will need to chase up any stock that hasn’t arrived and ensure all promotional lines are in stock and saleable.

3 Isaac, what’s your team like?

We have a very friendly team at Goodna DDS. I am one of the newest members with most of them being here more than two or three years. When I started last year, our long time pharmacy manager was moving to a new store so since then we have had to build a new team around our new manager Dimitri, and I think we are coming together nicely.

4 What plans do you have for the future, Isaac?

If circumstances were different, I might consider returning to full-time study or applying to train in air traffic control. This is the most stable job I have had though so I won’t be changing course without good reason. I feel like I have invested quite a bit of effort and thought into this role and feel a responsibility here that has been lacking in other workplaces, and that in itself has been quite rewarding despite the occasional stress.



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