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Staff spotlight: meet Krista Williams, Priceline Pharmacy, Morisset

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PS chats to Krista Williams who is a pharmacy assistant at Priceline Pharmacy Morisset, Krista has worked in pharmacy for five years

1 What attracted you to pharmacy?

I’ve always been a caring person and thought helping people get well would be a nice opportunity.

2 What’s your average day like, Krista? 

For the first half of my day, I am on the floor, sorting out customer accounts, training new staff and serving customers at the registers.

In the afternoon I home deliver to our local customers. I take them their weekly Webster and sachet medication or anything else they may need. I also then check script boxes in retirement villages for prescriptions that may need to be delivered on my second run.

3 What are your favourite bits about your job (and your least, as yes, we all have them)?

My favourite thing is helping people in my community, and getting to know people and what they like. My least favourite is dealing with awful customers–unfortunately, sick people can sometimes be very rude and demanding.

4  What’s your team like?

Most of my team are like my family, and we have become very close. We try to have fun and enjoy ourselves as much as we can as our job can be very emotional and stressful at times.

5 Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

I am not sure where I will be as life can change in the ‘blink of an eye’. However, my personality will not change so I’d like to think I will be in the healing field of some description or helping people in some way.



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