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Staff spotlight: meet Rachel, PA, Nhill Pharmacy, Vic

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PS chats to Rachel who is a pharmacy assistant at Nhill Pharmacy, who has worked in the industry for eight years

1 What made you decide to become a pharmacy assistant?
I really wanted to work in a role, which was in the health and wellbeing industry; and allowed me to help my local community and gave opportunities to improve my knowledge.

2 What’s your average day like?
My day can be very varied as the store manager. I try to spend as much time on the shop floor as possible; however, it is not always possible and can depend on which stage of the month we are at. I try to be involved in all areas shop but leave the dispensing to the pharmacist and techs. Most days will involve unpacking orders, helping customers, doing orders and then office work.

3 Tell us about the part of your job you like the best and the bits you like the least (yes, we all have them)?
My two favourite parts of my job are the great people I work alongside of and when you’ve helped make a real difference in a customer’s day. The bit I like least is when conflict happens and we have to work through it, and hopefully, find a resolution.

4 Rachel, what about your team, how do you feel about them?
I would say I have the best team to work with. Each and every one have something special about them and I am constantly learning from them. They all share a passion for what they do, our community and their health and wellbeing. They are always willing to give something a go even if it’s not work related and push themselves.

5 Where would you like to be in 5 years’ time?
Still doing something I love which allows me to help people.

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