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Watch: PATY winner Stephanie Meiklejohn at APP

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AJP host Miranda is joined at APP2018 by Pharmacy Assistant of the Year 2017, Stephanie Lynch (nee Meiklejohn).

Stephanie says that the role of pharmacy assistants is more important than ever. They can help to free-up pharmacists’ time so that they can administer flu shots, for example. 

“It’s really time to shine! …Pharmacy assistants should be used to their full capacity to free-up the pharmacists to do those things like MedsChecks that we can’t,” says Steph.

“Sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge to get pharmacists to trust that we are going to do a good job and that’s where education comes into it–the more we are empowered and enabled to do our best job, the better job we will do!”

Click on the image below to watch Steph:

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