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Willach moves into personal health devices

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Willach Australia has partnered with Propell Health to offer extensive range of Health devices

The partnership will make ordering these products easier for pharmacies and enable them to expand their patient health device category.
The iHealth range includes devices for diabetes, hypertension, weight and fitness monitoring and will sell at wholesale rates to pharmacies to on sell to consumers.
“Willach is making the entry into this area for pharmacies as simple, easy and convenient as possible by providing this world class range of products through on our online shop,” Willach Australia managing director John Koot said.
“We’re thrilled to offer Propell Health’s diverse range of iHealth products and see this as a great opportunity for pharmacy to really own the health space by taking the sales of health devices away from generic retailers and bringing them back to health.”
The iHealth range offers consumer-friendly, mobile health devices and apps to help people to take an active role in managing their personal health.
“All of our products sync directly with a free mobile app that makes monitoring, viewing, storing and sharing of health vitals simple and comprehensive,” said Propell Health’s managing director Craig Simmonds.
“These days 90% of Australians have a smartphone. This is an opportunity for pharmacies to take hold of this in the way we live and monitor chronic disease more easily.”
With the ever-increasing interest in health and wellbeing – iHealth devices provide a number of opportunities for pharmacies to expand their target consumers. Mr Simmonds said a number of pharmacies were targeting gyms to attract people interested in monitoring their body composition with iHealth.
Pharmacies can purchase individual products or one of three start-up packages to get them started. Various device bundles, customer information flyers, suggested planograms and staff training material are included in each start-up package. To shop online shop go to  or contact Willach  on (03) 9429 8222.

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