Login Trouble Shooting

If you experiencing troubles when you are trying to login the best thing to do is check that

  • Caps lock is not on when entering the password
  • Make sure you are not adding a white-space character to the end of the password
  • Follow the guide below to reset your password


Reset password Guide

Step 1.

Go to http://postscript.com.au/login/ and click on Forgot Password.

Forgot Password


Step 2.

Enter your email address that you registered with and click the “Get New Password” button

enter email

Step 3.

Check you inbox or spam folder for the password reset email and click the link at the bottom.

email link

Step 4.

Enter your new password and click the “Reset Password” button

password reset

Step 5.

Click the link to the login page and enter your username and your new password

login link